The All New North County Pride …

We are taking North County Pride to the streets and BY the beach!

Great News!

This year North County Pride is all new!

After 6 years of Pride @ The Beach we are ready to move into a new public venue that will accommodate our growth.

“We are Taking it to the streets”

of downtown Oceanside and BY the beach on Pier View street and City Hall.


Save The Date, October 11, 2014

11am – 6pm

Oceanside, CA

More vendors space, an Art Alley, educational presentations, kids garden, more music and dancing.

Your 2014 North County Pride Director and committee

  Kay Compton
From Left to Right:

Shannon Rose – Pride Director

Celeste Barbier
 - Entertainment
Kay ComptonVolunteers


Download Pride Packets Here…

North County Pride Sponsorship Packet

North County Pride Vendor Packet