Please welcome to Oceanside our guest speaker, CA Speaker of the Assembly, Toni Atkins

toni2Assembly Speaker Toni G. Atkins has served in the California State Assembly since 2010, and was elevated to the top leadership post in 2014, when her colleagues unanimously elected her 69th Speaker of the California Assembly.

Prior to her election as Speaker, she held the position of Majority Leader. She chaired the Assembly Select Committee on Homelessness, and served on committees on Agriculture, Housing and Community Development, Health, Judiciary, Veterans Affairs, Select Committee on Ports, Select Committee on Biotechnology as well as the Joint Legislative Audit Committee.

Her life of public service began in San Diego in the mid-1980s as director of clinic services at Womancare Health Center. She became a staff representative of then-City Councilmember Christine Kehoe, later winning her mentor’s council seat after Ms. Kehoe’s election to the Assembly. She represented the City of San Diego in the local chapter of the League of California Cities; on the board of the Metropolitan Transit System; on the San Diego Association of Governments; the Regional Housing Working Group; and the San Diego River Conservancy.

Atkins lives in the South Park/Golden Hill community of San Diego with her spouse Jennifer LeSar and their dogs, Haley and Joey.

Guest Speaker Prizila Dajia Vidal

PrizilaPlease welcome to North County…..Prizila Dajia Vidal!!!!

Prizila is an LGBTQIA, HIV/AIDS activist and advocate.  She works with Ifoster. “I AM A TRANSSEXUAL. I have been HIV+ Since December of 2005. Now that you know great do not say I didn’t tell you!!!! If you need support on this matter let me know, I am here for you!!

Popsicle is ready to perform at Pride!!!!


Popsical’s members have ridiculously disparate musical tastes and backgrounds. They more or less hate each other.

Bunny Slippers = frantic speed, raw screams, delightful makeup.
Rob Rockley = everlasting sonic buzz, selective lyrics, black lights.
Iraqi Balboa = thunder, fancy footwork, smooth jazz.

Get punched in the face with music!

Celeste & the Upbeats on the Main Stage!!!!!

Celeste & the Upbeats

Upbeats Beach

Celeste & The Upbeats is a new up and coming local band formed in the spring of 2015 with members from across San Diego County.  Fronted by LGBT activist and founder of the group, Celeste Barbier, her deep powerful rockin’ vocals are accompanied by amazing guitar riffs played by Bryan Kelly while Andrew Verdugo keeps the audience captivated as he slaps along on the upright bass and Mike “Dirty Diaz” keeps the beat going on drums! They bring back some of the best rockabilly, surf, oldies and blues tunes from the 50’s and 60’s and even a few more contemporary tunes with that vintage “upbeat” sound sure to get everybody on their feet and dancing. Covers performed include selections from Etta James, Elvis Presley, Brenda Lee, Sam Cook, Wanda Jackson, Gene Vincent, Peggy Lee and so many more of the greats!!


Pride by the Beach 2015 Headliner!!!! The first LGBT Mariachi!


LA’s first and only LGBTQ Mariachi brings Mexican music and folklore to Southern California. We are a dynamic ensemble representing the traditions of a rich culture of Mexico. Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles prides itself in providing its public with the utmost professionalism and musicianship. Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles was created as a safe haven for mariachi musicians who identify as LGBTQ to come together and perform traditional Mexican regional music in an otherwise “machista” and somewhat discriminating subculture of the mariachi world.

Led by director Carlos Samaniego, Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles performs its repertoire to suit the LGBTQ community while it maintains the highest level of musicality. Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles is proud to have the first transgender female, Natalia Melendez, in the history of mariachi as one of its members. Natalia has been featured in a two-part special for Univision news, which depicts her life and struggles as a transgender woman in the mariachi world. As a result of this two-part special, in its short existence, Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles has been invited to perform for 3 different morning news shows on Univision, which includes the “Lanzate” program. During each one of these presentations, the mariachi was highlighted because of its special nature in representing the LGBTQ community.

Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles has also performed for Long Beach Pride, LA Pride, Transgender Pride at the LGBT Center in Los Angeles, The Abbey, Club Tempo, Hamburger Mary’s, as well as for many same-sex and “traditional” weddings.   

MariachiMariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles trae la musica y folclór Mexicano al público gay de Los Angeles. Somos de lo mas profesional en todo los aspectos.

Dirigido por Carlos Samaniego, el Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles toca su repertorio para complacer a la comunidad gay mientras que mantiene un alto nivel de desempeño. El Mariachi Arcoiris tambien se enorgullece en tener la primer mujer transgénero en la historia del mariachi, Natalia Melendez.

Nos especializiamos en una variedad de eventos: bodas, cumpleaños, aniversarios, quinceañeras, bar mitzvahs, bat mitvahs, aberturas de negocios, serenatas, fiestas de retiramiento, fiestas religiosas, misas y funerales. El mariachi tambien está disponible para tocar en restaurantes y bares.

Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles puede ser contratado como grupo solista o para acompañar en conciertos o cualquier tipo de eventos de musica en vivo o grabada.

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Performing on the Pride by the Beach Main Stage!!!!!

So five gay musicians walk into a gay bar playing only AC/DC. Out walks GayC/DC. Not a cover band. Not a tribute band. But some hybrid of both of those, with a healthy dose of Alice Cooper, Rip Taylor, G.G. Allin, Dame Edna, and of course those boys from Down Under. Are Chris, Steve, Karl, Brian, and Glen long lost cousins to Bon, Angus, Cliff, Phil, Brian and Malcolm? We think so. We think AC/DC runs in everyone’s DNA, and that everyone has a reaction when they hear those familiar chords blare from a guitar amp. Your body starts to keep the beat along with the band, and your neck starts to bang back and forth as your ears take the brunt of the decibels. Yup. It’s a GayC/DC show, and your bound to get covered in glitter, boa feathers, silly string, and some other substances that we haven’t gotten the test results back yet. You sing along. You know every word. And your eyes can’t erase the images that you see on the stage in front of you. It’s a GayC/DC show, and you don’t want it to end.
Photo taken in North Hollywood on 08/02/14.

Photo taken in North Hollywood on 08/02/1

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Let’s get Pride by the Beach 2015 started!!!

Pridebythebeach logoAre you ready for 2015!!??????!!!!  Pride by the Beach is ready to go!!!!!!  We are celebrating our community by Celebrating the Diversity Within.  We want to show that everyone matters!  It’s time to celebrate everyone no matter who they are regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, etc.

If you’d like to Sponsor Pride by the Beach please visit our Sponsorship Page to download the packet.

If you’d like to be a Vendor for Pride by the Beach 2015, please visit the Vendor Page to download the Vendor Packet.

A new year!!!!

Happy New Year!!!

2014 was a successful year!  We had more visibility and that was reflected in the attendance.  We more than doubled attendance in 2014 from previous years.  We are growing!!!

The Pride committee has reconvened and starting to plan North San DIego County, Pride by the Beach 2015.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements through out the year.

We’ve got some exciting things planned for 2015!!!!!